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Version: 2.1
OS: Windows (All)
VSS: 6.0 and 2005




 SourceSafe Reporter - Create reports of your Visual SourceSafe databases.
SourceSafe Reporter is a flexible reporting tool for extracting the wide range of information currently locked in your Microsoft Visual SourceSafe´┐Ż databases. Quickly and effectively report on projects, files, versions, permissions, checkouts and users.

Get the reports you need:

Project and Files
List all the projects and files in a SourceSafe database. Choose to display Projects, Files, File Versions, Check Outs, Shared Files and Project Versions.
Filtered Files List of files with detailed version information, filtered by date range or by label.
Permissions Report on the Project Permissions that users have in a SourceSafe Database. Process by all users or report on an individual basis. Report on the entire database or target particular projects.
Check Outs Report on every file that is currently checked out of a SourceSafe database. Process by all users or report on an individual basis, on individual projects or an entire database.
Database Users Report on all user login accounts for a SourceSafe Database.

Get the format you need:

SourceSafe Reporter generates reports in a range of formats - for reading and summarizing (HTML - table or list layout), for spreadsheet import and analysis (CSV), for database or enterprise application analysis (XML) and for import into documents (RTF and Text).

Product Information

SourceSafe Reporter is available as an evaluation download and can be ordered online.

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